Av. Peren ÖĞÜT

Managing Lawyer

After completing her high school education at Istanbul Adile Mermerci Anatolian High School in 2008, Peren Öğüt started her education at Istanbul Commerce University Faculty of Law in 2009. Since 2013, she has worked in various fields of law and in different positions and improved herself.

He gained experience especially in providing legal supervised consultancy to companies, and acted as a worker and employer representative. He attended many trainings and seminars in the fields of Health Law (Malpractice), Family Law, Law of Persons, Contract Techniques, Notice and Severance Pay.

He carries out his studies especially in the fields of Labor and Social Security Law, Contracts Law, Compensation Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law, Commercial and Corporate Law and Criminal Law and represents his clients in cases in these fields. He is the executive lawyer of Ökten Law and Consultancy Firm.